Angularjs: Simple injectable navigation service to facilitate redirecting to views in your application

I am currently working on a proof of concept application that uses MVC Web API2 and a Client built using Angular.js. The project is still under development (you can find the most updated source code at: During the development of the client application i would usually want to redirect the user to another view. There were 2 basic use cases:

  • Redirect a user to another view from the controller
  • Redirect a user to another view after a time delay from a controller

In angular.js we can do the redirection with a time delay using two angular modules:

  • $location
  • $timeout

Essentially because the redirection functionality will be used in many controller I decided to write a simple angular service called the “navigationService” that can be simply injected as a dependency to any angular controller or another service instead of injecting the $location and $timeout modules on every occasion. Here is code for the service and its usage

'use strict';

var myApp = angular.module('angularApp', ['ngRoute']);
myApp.factory('navigationService', ['$location', '$timeout', function ($location, $timeout) {
var navigationServicefactory = {};

var _navigate = function (url, delay) {
var timer = $timeout(function () {
}, delay);

navigationServicefactory.navigate = _navigate;
return navigationServicefactory;

and then simply we can inject it to any controller and use it in this fashion:

'use strict';
myApp.controller('indexController', ['$scope', 'navigationService', 'authService', function ($scope, navigationService, authService) {
$scope.authentication = authService.authentication;

$scope.logout = function () {
navigationService.navigate('/index', 5000);

where 5000 is time in milliseconds.

and that’s all!!